Semicore is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition equipment and thermal evaporation systems for the electronics, academics, optical, solar energy, medical, automotive, military and related high technology industries.

Our high-performance production or R&D vacuum sputtering and thin film evaporation systems provide coatings on a variety of materials including plastic films, glass, ceramics, metals and hybrid substrates.

Whether you want to take advantage of our proven industrial solutions for vacuum system automation, process control and supervisory monitoring applications or need to develop some unique new application of your own design you will find Semicore’s staff and facilities to be competent, open-minded and eager to help.

What is sputtering?

What Is Sputtering? Video

Thin Film Deposition Systems:

Whatever you are looking for in Physical Vapor Deposition PVD coating technology – DC / Pulse DC Magnetron sputtering, RF Magnetron sputtering, Electron Beam Evaporation or Thermal Evaporation Systems, Ion Beam – there is probably a more advanced Semicore version that is tested, proven and will give you more for your money.

Custom Vacuum Engineering:

Here at Semicore we welcome unconventional thinking and recognize that standard off-the-shelf solutions are often too limited and/or inflexible to be adapted to new ideas. Bring us a specification or bring us a goal or problem. We are glad to work with you either way. Converting ideas to physical reality is our Custom Vacuum Engineering Department’s job. Please take advantage of our free vacuum engineering evaluation service.

Tooling and Fixturing:

Whenever you need to extend the useful service life and/or enhance the functionality of your current sputtering coater or evaporation system, Semicore’s tooling and fixturing design team provides quick, efficient, service.

OEM Exchange Program:

Innovative thinking has gone into the improved design and manufacture of each of our remanufactured sputtering systems and evaporation systems. These are not functionally equivalent clones - they are Semicore’s own tested and proven improved versions of thin-films industry standard platforms.

Automation Controls:

Semicore has developed an advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) control package with versatility, user friendliness and ease of maintenance in mind. Due to its flexibility, the control system can be customized for any process tool application and has been integrated into many thin films production tools used by leading companies in the Semiconductor, Photonics, MEMS and related high technology fields.

Whatever your needs in PVD thin film coating equipment, engineering and technology, Semicore is here to help you!

News and Articles

SputteringWhat Is Sputtering?

Sputtering is the thin film deposition manufacturing process at the core of todays semiconductors, disk drives, CDs, and optical devices industries. On an atomic level, sputtering is the process whereby atoms are ejected from a target or source material that is to be deposited on a substrate - such as a silicon wafer, solar panel or optical device - as a result of the bombardment of the target by high energy particles.... Read More 

Thin Film DepositionWhat Is Thin Film Deposition?

Thin Film Deposition is the technology of applying a very thin film of material – between a few nanometers to about 100 micrometers, or the thickness of a few atoms – onto a “substrate” surface to be coated, or onto a previously deposited coating to form layers. The two most common Thin Film Deposition techniques are Sputtering and Thermal Evaporation which involves heating a solid material that will be used to coat a substrate inside a high vacuum chamber until it starts to boil and evaporates producing a vapor. … Read More

Physical Vapor DepositionWhat is PVD Coating?

Physical Vapor Deposition - also known as PVD Coating - refers to a variety of thin film deposition techniques where solid metal is vaporized in a high vacuum environment and deposited on electrically conductive materials as a pure metal or alloy coating. As a process that transfers the coating material on a single atom or molecule level, it can provide extremely pure and high performance coatings which for many applications are much preferable to electroplating.... Read More 

RF Sputtering TargetWhat is RF Sputtering?

RF or Radio Frequency Sputtering is the technique involved in alternating the electrical potential of the current in the vacuum environment at radio frequencies to avoid a charge building up on certain types of sputtering target materials, which over time can stop the discharge of sputtering atoms terminating the sputtering process..... Read More 

HIPIMS EnergyWhat is HIPIMS?

High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering or HIPIMS utilizes a very high voltage, short duration burst of energy focused on the target coating material to generate a high density plasma vapor that results in a high degree of ionization of the coating material in the plasma..... Read More 

E-Beam EvaporationWhat is E-Beam Evaporation?

E-Beam or Electron Beam Evaporation is a form of Physical Vapor Deposition in which the target material to be used as a coating is bombarded with an electron beam from a charged tungsten filament to evaporate and convert it to a gaseous state for vapor deposition on the material to be coated. Taking place in a high vacuum chamber, these atoms or molecules in a vapor phase then precipitate and form a thin film coating on the substrate... Read More 

Semicore Equipment Inc. is a worldwide thin film technology leader providing PVD sputtering coating equipment and custom vacuum engineering solutions. Semicore builds new, used, pre-owned and remanufactured PVD coating systems, thin film evaporation and physical vapor deposition PVD systems and magnetron sputtering systems for the semiconductor and thin film technology industries including: optical, solar energy, medical, and automotive. Offices in Livermore, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Silicon Valley, Northern California.