Recent studies show that nanotechnology is making the Alternative Energy equipment market at least 250 times the size of the famous California Gold Rush – and that opportunity will last for generations rather than be a one-time historical event.

Semicore suggests that everyone who is nano-tech oriented should be looking seriously at Alternative Energy technologies for financial; if not environmental reasons.

And, Semicore has committed its hardware, experience and foresight to helping alternative energy visionaries convert their concepts into real world practical applications and cites these advantages:

  • Flexibility – Semicore has a complete product line to service almost any requirement and an open minded, experienced, can-do engineering staff willing to work on even outside-the-box ideas.

  • Scalability – seamless scaling from the R&D level into full production while staying within the Semicore product line.

  • Software – Semicore’s intuitive production/recipe software minimizes learning curves and training costs to get projects up and running in short order.

  • Security – what happens with Semicore stays with Semicore; -- proprietary processes and trade secrets are 100% protected.

  • Support – Semicore service is legendary; and our rapid response policy and our direct PC-to-PC remote desktop access quickly resolve any issues and minimize downtime.

With oil prices crashing through the $100+ a barrel level Alternative Energy opportunities that have been predicted for decades are here now. Don’t be one of those who will be speaking of a missed opportunity in years to come – call Semicore Equipment, Inc., at (925-373-8201) today.