You can be sure with Semicore pre-owned equipment…

As a convenience to both existing customers who are in the process of upgrading their equipment and prospective customers with budget or other constraints, Semicore Equipment, Inc. handles the sale of limited quantities of used sputtering and evaporation systems.

You can be confident that all pre-owned equipment offered for sale by Semicore has been tested and verified operational within OEM factory specifications. Any system that cannot pass Semicore testing is sold only to equipment brokers who market them via other channels.

Despite Semicore’s testing it should be understood that such tests only indicate functionality at a specific moment of testing and are not a guarantee of continued reliable operation. Consequently, unless specifically designated as refurbished and/or remanufactured all pre-owned models is sold on an as is basis without warranty.

Semicore strongly advocates that pre-owned equipment be refurbished to ensure reliable and satisfactory performance. The minor investment in refurbishment almost always pays off via extending the service life and reliability of the equipment and, of course, peace of mind. Refurbishment also qualifies the pre-owned system for warranty coverage.

Be sure to discuss refurbishment, remanufacture and warranty coverage with your Semicore representative before you buy any pre-owned system.

Below is our current pre-owned equipment inventory – Please note this list is updated constantly so be sure to check back often. Also, if you are seeking a specific piece of pre-owned equipment contact your Semicore representative and ask about our Bird Dog program where we will look for and notify you when we find it.