Semicore makes a good thing even better!

Independent thinking, advanced technological “know-how” and the ability to improve performance, reliability and functionality of many standard industry platforms have built the Semicore reputation.

Now, we can offer a new exchange-upgrade program which can solve operational problems while providing updated processing results.

All systems are tested and proven and contain improvements. Though some can be termed incremental improvements, others may be considered “quite revolutionary”.

Our designs, our upgrades, have aptly been termed as the “next generation” of systems that transcend simple reverse engineering. Not only is the goal to deliver operational excellence, but, it is also to provide a next generation of functionality while maintain¬ing current price points.

Common platforms include Sputtering and Evaporation systems from: MRC, Perkin Elmer, Temescal, CHA, Veeco,

Please contact Semicore to speak with a Sales Engineer about your requirements.