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Semicore Automation
Featured in Vacuum Technology & Coating Magazine

Controls Automation Sample Screen ShotsIn an aggressive effort to continuously expand our expertise in a rapidly changing technology, SEMICORE Equipment has now taken a quantum step ahead of its competitors.SEMICORE has developed an advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) control package with versatility, user friendliness and ease of maintenance in mind. Due to its flexibility, the control system can be customized for any process tool application and has been integrated into many thin film production tools.

Semicore’s automation package has even been integrated into a diverse number of production tools used by leading companies in the Semiconductor, Photonics, MEMS and related high technology fields.

Semicore’s automation package has been shown to reduce errors; shorten learning curves; increase repeatability, production and throughput. Contact our automation team for assistance with a painless transition to intuitive automated control of your complex process requirements.