CAPOS PVD Coating Systems

CAPOS CT Multi-Chamber PVD Coating System

CAPOS-CT Multi-Chamber PVD Coating System Video

Semicore’s CAPOS Series is the PVD Industry’s first cost effective “Open-platform” design, ideal for both precision R&D and batch production.

Flexible enough that it can be used for either sputtering or evaporation coatings, this platform is also used for Semicore’s CAPOS-CT series, as a highly versatile “Cluster Tool” platform that can be configured with multiple Process Modules (PM) and cassette-to-cassette operation.

CAPOS is the primary system model with a standalone process chamber. It is available with a fast cycle Load Lock (LL) chamber that eliminates the need to vent the process chamber for loading and unloading, as well as minimizing the necessity for target burn-in prior to each process run.

CAPOS-CT refers to “Cluster Tool,” which is the result of integrating one or more of the CAPOS process chambers together (now known as Process Modules) to a centralized interface chamber called the Transfer Module (TM) which has a robot handler in it. The substrate is then loaded into a Load Lock or Cassette Load Port (CLP) which is also attached to the TM.

CAPOS CT PVD Sputtering System

CAPOS CT-PVD Sputtering System Video

Each Process Module can be individually configured to meet a wide range of today’s demanding deposition techniques, which can include RF Sputtering, DC or Pulsed DC Sputtering, and High Impulse Magnetron Sputtering. Other process features are available such as RF etch, Substrate bias, process heating or cooling, ion beam surface manipulation, and more.

The CAPOS-CT cluster tool is available with either a CLP (for SEMI standard or custom cassettes) or a variety of substrate LL chambers to suit your application. Each LL is available in atmospheric, rough vacuum or high vacuum variations.

CAPOS PVD coating systems employ cryogenic or turbomolecular high vacuum pumps to maintain the PM, TM and LL/CLP chambers at high vacuum. Semicore’s award winning graphic user interface gives you total control of the deposition process and system operation.

An unbeatable combination of features makes the CAPOS flexible enough for both precision R&D and Batch production. CAPOS-CT takes this design further for us as a high throughput production system and the ability to use standard SEMI substrate management. All this makes the CAPOS platform the best choice for a wide range of applications that demand the highest level of performance from your thin film deposition equipment.

CAPOS PVD Coating Equipment, including base, chamber and monitor

CAPOS PVD Coating Equipment Video


For more detailed information on these units’ specifications please download the PDF.


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