Circular Magnetron Sputtering Systems

  • Circular magnetron sputtering tri axis cathodeVersatile, Compact Design

    Their compact design makes our circular magnetron sputtering system ideal for any new or retrofit application, including the most complex cluster assemblies for the smallest vacuum chambers. Available in HV and UHV configuration.

  • Total Power Compatibility

    Low-impedance heads provide DC Magnetron Sputtering, RF Sputtering, mid-frequency DC, pulsed DC, and microwave power compatibility.

  • Standard Fittings

    We use ISO NW standard fittings, as well as Conflat® metal seal flanges. All utilities are maintained at atmosphere and accessed through standard O-ring compression fittings for easy installation in any vacuum system.

  • Full Range of Sizes

    Circular magnetron sputter sources are available from 1 through 16 inch target diameters in either standard or custom configurations.

  • Quick, Easy Target Change

    Our patented threaded target clamp and anode shield allow you to change targets without the use of ancillary tools. Their built-in adjustability also lets you fit targets of varying thickness without resorting to spacing devices.

  • Lower, Pressure, High Power

    SP400 series magnetron sputtering systems can operate at extremely low pressure (down to the 10-4 Torr range), and our direct cooled designs can deliver power densities up to 250 watts/in2 (30 watts/cm2).

  • High Rates and Performance

    With higher power densities, you can coat a substrate faster. So Semicore’s maximizes both your coating zone and your target utilization (usually in the 40% range) without a trade-off in rate.

  • Greater Uniformity

    Thanks to our patented profiled magnets, our circular magnetrons also deliver much greater uniformity of deposition – routinely in the ± 3-5% range.


Whatever your needs in DC Magnetron Sputtering, RF Sputtering, Mid-frequency AC, or pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtering equipment, Semicore is here to help you!


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