Semicore Equipment, Inc. Announces New Tri-Axis PVD System

Citing customer requests for the ability to reduce costs and increased development flexibility in today’s uncertain economy, Semicore Equipment, Inc. has released their Tri-Axis system that offers evaporative deposition and triple axis sputter in a single platform.

According to Matt Hughes, Semicore’s President and CEO, their new Tri-Axis system is a direct result of customer input. “I’d like to say we can take credit for the design of our new Tri-Axis system; but that would only be a half-truth.”, said Hughes. “The fact is most of the concepts and design features resulted from listening to our customers.”, he continued.

CEO, Matt Hughes, says Semicore is an ideal size company for the current market – small enough to be able to consider new systems; and large enough to do the engineering and R & D to successfully develop and deploy them. “We don’t have the huge inventory investment that seems to blind some of our larger competitors to contemporary customer needs.”, said Matt.

Cutting edge technology has always been marked by both high potential for profit as well as high risk. Successful players in this field have almost invariably been those who have been able to maintain that delicate balance and respond quickly to market conditions. Semicore Equipment, Inc. prides itself on providing the tools necessary to accomplish that combination without constraining development.

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