Service & Repair

The Semicore service advantage…

When you get your high-vacuum systems and/or subsystems serviced and repaired by Semicore you have the advantage of knowing that Semicore can always use the best parts. Unlike a captive manufacturer’s service department, as an independent Semicore is not limited to an in-house manufacturing parts inventory and can always choose the best part from any source.


We know the pressure you are under — when your systems fail the only thing that stops is your ability to perform; everything else: payroll, overhead, customer expectations, production schedules continue. Semicore’s qualified service staff is ready to get your systems back on line, quickly, safely and reliably.

Preventive maintenance

Smart management does not use system failure as their method of service scheduling. Preventive maintenance not only saves the costs and frustrations of unscheduled down time; it also avoids wasting labor, overhead, and expensive materials by producing products that are out of spec. Prevention is cheaper than cure – underperforming and failing parts stress the rest of the system; and can endanger personnel as well as both the rest of the system and other nearby systems.


While the safety record of the nanotech industry is generally admirable; it is important to avoid developing a false sense of security. Improperly maintained or neglected high-vacuum/high-energy systems have the potential for serious, even lethal accidents. If there is any doubt about your system’s service, parts, or requirements a call to Semicore’s qualified service staff can put your mind at ease; remove potential hazards and prevent dangerous accidents.

Tech Support

Proper operation is as important to safety and efficiency as hardware integrity. See our Tech Support page for specifics on using Semicore’s tech support services.