Tooling and Fixturing

Tooling and fixturing examplesWhile utility, precision, versatility and repeatability are the hallmarks of well designed PVD equipment tooling and fixturing; innovation, not just duplication are the hallmarks of Semicore’s tooling and fixturing. Our design team prides itself on creating tooling and fixturing that is more versatile, easer to use, and operationally less expensive than OEM tooling and fixturing.

Enhanced tooling and fixturing also means incorporating the best of existing OEM designs and properly integrating new capabilities that reduce errors and downtime; improve yields on long runs and make even small batch and R&D quantities more cost effective.

Semicore’s design team is equally at home whether your specifications consist of well documented drawings or just a general statement of requirements and objectives; and we are comfortable with designing for both competitor equipment as well as our own.

Whenever you need to extend the useful service life and/or enhance the functionality of your current system, contact the Semicore tooling and fixturing design team for quick, efficient, service.