Technical Support

Semicore’s technical support team has built a reputation for patient, courteous, and knowledgeable first contact resolution.

More importantly, Semicore provides remote but secure virtual presence technical support that allows our staff to see and fix problems in real time. And our virtual presence is immediate – minimizing downtime without travel costs and delays.

Often just observing our staff executing a procedure clears up operator confusion in a way that no manual or lengthy telephone discussion ever could. Our virtual presence support allows us to provide “hands-on” diagnostics and coaching that transcends cultural and terminology differences.

Of course, for those occasions where onsite support is necessary, Semicore’s field service engineering team stands ready to provide prompt efficient service as well as perform post-delivery setup, and training.

Before you make your final equipment vendor choice be sure to consider how production interruptions, learning curves, and other hidden costs will inevitably be impacted by the technical support team that comes with your choice.

For information on Semicore Service and Repair see our Service and Repair page.