Customer Testimonials

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Semicore Equipment, Inc. was recommended by our customer to provide a modern solution to an existing manual sputter coating process. The team at Semicore quickly understood the project requirements and presented a system that would exceed our production goals and reduce operator interaction with a fully integrated interface. The system was delivered on time and at the quoted price with exceptional customer service. The transition from the old process to the new Semicore system was seamless and we are currently exceeding our production and quality goals. The staff at Semicore did an excellent job training our production people and continue to provide critical support for our daily operation. We look forward to future opportunities with the team at Semicore.

Ryan Sawyer, PE
Strategic Project Manager Sr.

Tim Haen
Global Vice President
Aerospace and Defense

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Semicore Equipment, Inc., was a partner in developing a custom deposition tool integrating magnetron sputtering and filtered cathodic arc deposition. The company’s task to design and build the vacuum system, integrate all components and provide a unified graphical user interface was done swiftly, professionally, and to spec. The engineering staff was knowledgeable about the technology and applicable codes; it was an excellent example of team work where all partners listen to the ideas of others. The product was a well built, safe, and easy to use piece of equipment. I look forward to do more business with this company.

Andre Anders, PhD
Senior Scientist
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Semicore Equipment, Inc. supplied us with compact sputtering tools – SC250 and SC450LL. Both tools have highly integrated components, including magnetron sputtering, vacuum system, etc., and have a slim design to fit any limited lab space. The unified graphical interface is user friendly, but is also powerful and professional and allows control of all system components through simple touch screen. Both tools provide superior performance, including high film quality, excellent across-wafer uniformity and also high product throughput. These tools are ideal for R&D lab or small volume manufacturing. We are also impressed by Semicore’s quality customer service. Their engineering staffs are knowledgeable and responsible. They are dedicated to meeting their commitments to us and provided excellent service during system/tool set up and normal service call. We would be delighted to do business with this team again.

Xiaojun Yu
Vice President of Engineering
Royole Corporation

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I can confidently speak to the fact that Matt Hughes and his group at Semicore are in possession of world-class expertise with vacuum processing equipment. I normally don’t attach my name to testimonials about suppliers just because of the variability in applications from what we do and what others are looking for. However, in this case I am more than happy to make an exception because of the broad applications that Matt and his team have demonstrated for us in the Pulsed Power Sciences Center in support of experiments on the Z accelerator.

I have had several automated and fully integrated systems developed by Matt and his team for custom applications that require significant expertise with vacuum technologies (electron beam evaporation, RF / DC sputtering, process gasses, etc.). Matt’s team was able to provide outstanding value throughout the product realization lifecycle, from design to installation / commissioning. The vacuum technology expertise was what introduced me to this organization, but what kept me invested in maintaining a relationship with Semicore is the ability to automate and integrate systems to perform outstanding process control and develop intelligent user interfaces.

On some of the more complicated and off normal applications, I could not even get bids from major players in In the vacuum technology corporate world, whereas Matt’s team was able to cost-effectively deliver challenging systems with diverse applications every time I have engaged his organization.

John L. McKenney, DTNG PMP
Sandia National Laboratories

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Semicore Equipment, Inc. has supplied compact laboratory magnetron sputtering system (SC-450) that we use in our R&D work in the field of optical sensors. We worked closely together with Semicore engineers to define and customization the equipment to best fit our current and possible further needs. The engineering staff was very knowledgeable about the related components, system, and software. They provided fast and exhaustive support before and after installation. The system is well built from engineering perspective, safe, and easy to use. I look forward to do more business with this company.

Prof. Denis Donlagic
Head of Automation Department
University of Maribor

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Semicore Equipment, Inc. was tasked with the refurbishing of an antiquated sputter deposition unit that we had onsite. What we received far exceeded our expectations for the unit, integrating and simplifying all the components of the unit into one easy to use interface. During the final onsite startup of the equipment they were very responsive to correcting any latent design flaws from the old machine which were discovered during initial production usage, as well as to fine tune the unit to meet our own requirements and preferences. Also, with the decreased maintenance downtime and increased output of this unit we now rely on it for all our production needs. We plan on returning to Semicore with our future metal deposition projects and needs.

Greg Baumann
Manufacturing Processes Manager
Teledyne MEC

Charles Edlund
Director, V.E. Manufacturing/Engineering
Teledyne MEC

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We had a particularly difficult problem to solve for a piece of equipment we needed built for restoring aluminum landing gear outer cylinders for the USAF. Semicore Equipment had exactly the control systems design interface as well as the engineering talent that we were looking for to complete this project. This project had some particularly difficult issues since it was a joint venture merging designs and components supplied by us which then needed to interface with designs and components supplied by Semicore. Semicore handled all of the correspondence with excellent clarity to ensure that each system interfaced and worked seamlessly. Working with all of the individuals at Semicore was a pleasure and we look forward to working with them again. If you have a complex sputtering issue that needs a specialty piece of equipment, Semicore should be your first and last stop.

Ben Opfermann
Lead Engineer, Material Surface Restoration and Finishing

Quantum Power Munich GmbHBeing new to the field of Magnetron Sputtering we were scanning the market for a supplier that would offer a small sized Sputtering device with highly automated process control and intuitive user interface for fast learning and good repeatability on process management. Through a recommendation of a European university our attention was drawn to Semicore Equipment. We were thrilled by their professional and solution-oriented consulting from the beginning and decided to acquire a Semicore SC450. The system was delivered to us in late January 2016, where installation was supported by Semicore´s German associate.

From the first contact with Matt and the following 12 months of cooperation we must state how content and satisfied we are with the device and the continued technical support by Semicore. Matt´s team has been highly engaged to ensure rapid solution of any technical challenge that has arisen so far, from initial system layout to custom-fitted improvements for our particular requirements when needed.

We can report only our fullest satisfaction of the received services and would return to choose Semicore again in the future.

Christian von Kessel, CEO
Marcus Reid, CEO
Quantum Power Munich GmbH

Adesto Technologies engaged with Semicore to design and build a semi-custom PVD system for materials screening and development. Semicore was very flexible in working with us on design tradeoffs to maximize performance and minimize cost. We utilized the tool for several years in R&D mode before converting the tool into our baseline production tool, enabling volume shipments of our products. Semicore has been very supportive for years after the original sale, including supporting an emergency move and storage of the system during an unanticipated facility closure. We would definitely engage with them again for discussions of any future equipment needs.

Jeffrey Shields
Process Technology Manager
Adesto Technologies