Vacuum Engineering and Process Development

The dynamic world of the high-vacuum nanotechnology industry is populated with those who have succeeded in making the unique physics of the quantum and near quantum world work – and is littered with the bones of those who failed to do so.

Since most have succeeded in thin film engineering by thinking beyond the conventional it stands to reason that success – at least large-scale, non-incremental success is rarely found on the beaten path.

Here at Semicore we welcome unconventional thinking and recognize that standard off-the-shelf vacuum engineering solutions are often too limited and/or inflexible to be adapted to new ideas. If you have such an idea you then have three choices:

  • Compromise – if budget or other limitations restrict your options, and you can live with a less than ideal solution, a frank and honest discussion of your goals with one of our experienced vacuum design engineers will help get you to an acceptable solution.
  • Accessorize – Semicore has a sound reliable stable and proven product line with built in flexibility and scalability. In many cases one of our engineers may be able to help you with “bolt-on” options that will extend and/or enhance one of our standard products to make it meet your needs.
  • Customize – If only a non-standard solution will meet your needs then Semicore’s Vacuum Engineering Department is your answer. And, we can operate at any level – bring us a specification or bring us a goal or problem we are glad to work with you either way. Converting ideas to physical reality is their job and they are good at it and have a standard procedure that ensures realistic budget and delivery numbers your accounting and production departments will like.


If you already have an existing installation, or plan a new one in the near future, please take advantage of our free vacuum design engineering evaluation service. Our team of experienced engineers will carefully evaluate your current or proposed plans. For new installations, we may suggest a more appropriate and/or cost effective approach. For existing installations, we may suggest design improvements or component substitutions to increase efficiency; extend service life and/or enhance through-put.

Since this service is provided at no cost and does not require any additional service commitment you have nothing to lose by contacting Semicore’s Vacuum Engineering Department today.

Click Here for downloadable details including photos of our custom vacuum engineering services and sample applications.


Process Development and Application Support

Driven by amazing technical developments that continue to carve new paths in PVD based processing, Semicore committed to a greater focus in this area at our Livermore, CA, manufacturing facility. This advancement provides further support of our customers’ needs for their own process development and proof of concept requirements when designing completely new solutions. By demonstrating the latest advancements in sputtering and evaporation technology combined with many years of process experience, our goal is to help the customer expedite time to market and minimize risk.

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